Vetiver Grass - Landfill Leachate Phyto Utilization

Vetiver Landfill Leachate
Vetiver Grass used for Landfill Leachate Remediation
Posted by Eric Wiediger on The Vetiver Network
Recently, Leachate Management Specialists (LMS) installed a phyto-utilization system using vetiver at a municipal solid waste landfill in southeast Texas. The system is designed to pump leachate generated from the landfill up to a 4.8-acre area (2 hectares) where it is distributed through subsurface drip irrigation to rows of ~65,000 vetiver plants. The vetiver consumes the leachate through evapotranspiration, benefiting the landfill in numerous ways (e.g. significantly reduced cost versus hauling, reduced liability, taking diesel burning trucks out of the community, and reducing the carbon footprint of the landfill).

As shown in the photos, we also installed temporary surface irrigation to water the young plants with freshwater until the roots are established. We will begin pumping leachate to the vetiver soon! Thanks to Dr. Paul Truong for EDVI modeling and Pecan Hill Plant Farm for the vetiver.