UK Vetiver Harvest

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UK Vetiver Harvest. The first 2018 harvest of Vetiver by Parterre Fragrances was made recently in Dorset. I attended the Vetiver workshop at Keyneston Mill where they have completed their second harvest of Vetiver, that is then dried and distilled to make Vetiver Oil. The very precious oil is then used in their incredible Root of all Goodness perfume. The plants are harvested between 9-18months, as young roots make better oil to use in the perfume industry

Vetiver featured in the Harrods Christmas Magazine

Vetiver Grass
Our Vetiver as featured in the Harrods Christmas Magazine 2017
Vetiver roots are the mainstay of the perfume industry, both for men's and women's perfume.
We supply both fresh cleaned plants & dried roots suitable for photo shoots
We need a weeks notice if possible, Email Sue Rodgers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fresh Vetiver Plants
Dried Vetiver Roots
Dried Vetiver Roots

Vetiver Planting Service

Vetiver Planting Service
We are delighted to announce that from May 2018 we are able to offer a Vetiver Planting service. Please contact us for a quote, as price will depend upon number of plants, location and ease of access. Using our planting service will ensure that your Vetiver plants are planted correctly 

Coming Soon - Dried Vetiver Roots for Sale

Dried Vetiver Root
Coming Soon – Dried Vetiver Roots
We are pleased to announce that we will soon have dried Vetiver roots for sale.

Dried Vetiver roots have many uses, the easiest way to use them is to make an infusion: Place vetiver roots preferably in an earthenware container (or glass) and using cooled boiled water cover the roots. Cover the container and leave overnight to infuse. You can strain the Vetiver water and then drink the cooling water – with a slice of lime – or use the Vetiver water as a facial spray as its natural astringent hydrates and balances pH of the skin. They can be re-used until you notice that the flavour is diminished. Simply replace with new roots and continue to enjoy the benefits of Vetiver

Vetiver Grass - Landfill Leachate Phyto Utilization

Vetiver Landfill Leachate
Vetiver Grass used for Landfill Leachate Remediation
Posted by Eric Wiediger on The Vetiver Network
Recently, Leachate Management Specialists (LMS) installed a phyto-utilization system using vetiver at a municipal solid waste landfill in southeast Texas. The system is designed to pump leachate generated from the landfill up to a 4.8-acre area (2 hectares) where it is distributed through subsurface drip irrigation to rows of ~65,000 vetiver plants. The vetiver consumes the leachate through evapotranspiration, benefiting the landfill in numerous ways (e.g. significantly reduced cost versus hauling, reduced liability, taking diesel burning trucks out of the community, and reducing the carbon footprint of the landfill).

As shown in the photos, we also installed temporary surface irrigation to water the young plants with freshwater until the roots are established. We will begin pumping leachate to the vetiver soon! Thanks to Dr. Paul Truong for EDVI modeling and Pecan Hill Plant Farm for the vetiver.
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