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About Vetiver Grass UK

Vetiver Grass UK purchases all its stock Vetiver plants from a Vetiver Network certified grower in the EU,whilst we establish our own nursery in the UK. We are using Vetiver Grass to control our soil erosion problems on steeply terraced land in southern Spain and we also use Vetiver Grass to clean the grey waste water from the house, so we can use it on the land, as water is very precious.

Whilst we wait for our nursey to establish itself and to gain our own certification from the Vetiver Network, we will only ever purchase plants from certified growers.

Further research into the properties and uses of Vetiver across the world, but in particular its ability to within stand colder than previously thought temperatures, made us realise that Vetiver Grass could be used effectively in the UK as a bio-engineering solution to a number of environmental problems.

We are working with a number of UK Government Agencies, as part of a PhD research project to assess the viability of growing and using Vetiver in the UK. As part of our due diligence, Vetiver Grass UK, contacted the Animal and Plant Health Agency – the government agency responsible for safe-guarding animal and plant health for the UK. Vetiver is not on any of the banned plant lists, nor does it require a plant passport to be imported into the UK. We have written confirmation that we are able to import Vetiver from the EU.

Throughout 2018 we will be attending a number of Agricultural and Horticultural Fairs, including the Royal Bath & West – 30th May – 2nd June , South Of England Show at Ardingly – 7th June – 9th June, Smallholders at Ardingly – 30th June – 1st July and many more

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